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Santander - KiTTi

Santander brought the concept of the “money pot” to the digital age. The idea is quite simple: create a pot, put money in, and spend it with your friends. This makes group spending safer, easier and faster.

Our agency, Nimbletank, partnered with Santander, and our team was commissioned to add new features and revamp existing ones to increase user engagement. The integration needed to maintain the "money pot" scenario with an informal tone of voice, and ease of use. The integration was to be seamless, and to not appear typical of a banking app, while maintaining confidence in security required in the financial sector.

SKILLSResearch, personas, information architecture, user flows, sitemap, sketches, wireframes, testing, digital prototyping.

Latest work
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1. Discovery

Competitive_Analysis_icon Competitive Analysis

We reviewed other apps to see how they approach the same subject. In many cases, the apps were to share / split costs. KiTTi is unique for it's money pot concept. Having to integrate the 2 concepts of money pot and a bank was challenging so we approached the concept via a different angle. We expanded beyond that field and looked into apps offering social interaction such as Split Share, Splitwise, iExpense diary or IOU.

Features_Analysis_icon Feature Analysis

With a better understanding of the competitors in mind, we analyzed the KiTTi app features and services as well as its competitors. This helps to define key features or services to challenge in the next step. Here is an example of the feature analysis we have performed.


iExpense diary
I Owe You


Create group / account


View participants


Expense entry


Category allocation


Invite friends


View groups / accounts


View activity / summary


Add a comment


View balances


Export activity / summary

interview_icon Interviews

To design the right solution, we needed to understand both the prospective organizer or participant. We interviewed 18 people in 3 days representing the audience. We wanted to find out how they are managing a group money scenario, what works for them and what they are dreading the most. We then presented the KiTTi app, let them play with it, and collected their impressions.

Key findings

  • Interviewees over 30 years old expressed more concerns over the transaction fee.
  • Interviewees felt reassured that the app was operated by a bank.
  • Group lead interviewee expressed that the most uncomfortable moment was chasing people for money and a nudging feature was a good approach.
personas_icon Personas

With the rich information gathered from the interviews, we created a few personas, but settled with 3 representative users. Meet Andy, who prefers participating, Jenny, organizer at heart and Clare, Supermom managing her 3 kids' extra activities.

persona_Andy_photo Andy, 24 Participant, single, house sharing Logistics Technician "I used to organize going to concerts with friends but now, I prefer to tag along. The money collection was stressful." Needs Being able to see my contributions. Communicate with other participants. Pain point Having to keep a list of my contributions to events.
persona_Jenny_photo Jenny, 28 Organizer, in relationship, sharing house with family Project Manager "I like to know where my money goes and keep a close eye on my budget." Needs Being able to track all the transactions made. Being able to see and re-distribute any left-over money. Pain point Not having clear visibility on my expenses.
persona_clare_photo Clare, 38 Organizer & participant, married, house owner Stay-at-home mom "I need to keep track of the kids' activities, contributions made and Excel becomes cumbersome!" Needs Being able to see the list of the parents participating for an activity. Being able to track the contributions made. Pain points Tracking activities on a spreadsheet. Chasing people for money contributions.
userflow_and_sitemap_icon User flow & site map

User flow

To create a better experience for the organizer and the participant, we drew the current user flow and site map. We did several iterations, with the intent that it will enhance the experience for both. This user flow and journey focused on Jenny, who is looking to create a new KiTTi for sharing house bills with her sister and their respective partners.

Site map

Drawing the existing site map to embed our solution was the natural approach. We used the original structure and added functions to the existing hierarchy without intrusion.

2. Ideation & Design

sketches_icon Sketches

We did over 10 sketching session during the course of the project. Each session focused on a user flow, with 9 user flows to deliver for the launch. We completed up to 7 iterations for some designs. After days of sketching, we completed our iterations focused on onboarding, a participant leaving a KiTTi, an Owner closing a KiTTi, Sharing and Commenting with the group or Redeeming a promo code to name a few.


3. User Testing

Paper or digital, we tested our prototypes after each iteration. We challenged our design with 12 people, including some of the interviewees. We did 5 rounds of testing and 6 iterations, first on paper, then on clickable digital versions.

icon_paper_prototype_icon Paper Prototype

The first batches of testing was to challenge the functionality flaws, the experience flow and the tone of voice. It also helped verifying if our solution was embedded seamlessly. The testing focus was to introduce category tagging when creating a KiTTi.

Paper testing screens photo 1
Paper testing screens photo 2
Paper testing screens photo 3
Paper testing screens photo 4

Key findings

  1. Users liked scrolling through the categories.
  2. Users felt that the name of the KiTTi and the category sections were far apart, disjoined.
  3. Having both amounts in the jar and the category icon made it cluttered.
  4. Users found the picture icon too small.
icon_low_fi Digital prototype - low fi wireframes

The flow was right but the tone of voice needed some work. We changed the verbiage to make it more welcoming and challenged it along with the iconography and placement of navigation elements.

Prototype low-fi 1
Prototype low-fi 2
Prototype low-fi 3
Prototype low-fi 4

Key findings

  1. Replacing the additional icons with arrows removed the fun element.
  2. Users found the KiTTi name being closer to the category much more clear.
  3. Users found the information on the jar with no category icon to be much apparent.
  4. Users like the category icon but some still had problems to see it.
icon_hi_fi Digital prototype - high fi wireframes

For this round of testing, we wanted to verify the color scheme, the iconography and the micro interactions to appeal to both organizer and participants.

Prototype rendered 1
Prototype rendered 2
Prototype rendered 3
Prototype rendered 4



We removed the arrows and put the category icons further apart to give some breathing space.


Users liked seeing the color, KiTTi name and icon combined in one section.


Users liked the simplicity of the jar and the additional features hidden under the blue “plus“ sign.


We removed picture or category icon to keep a clean and uncluttered feeling.


We took the client’s BETA MVP code and worked with customers to transform the product into a CVP, a Commercially Viable Product, that is engaging and easy to use, in harmony across Android and iOS. We accelerated the product development substantially to achieve velocity,

and regular feature-packed releases. Ultimately, this meant creating more mobile moments that matter to our audience. Our solution was all about making life and group money easier. Next steps, new features and functionality integrations.


Release cycle improvement.


Rise in users over the first 4 months of the launch.


Jump in monthly average transaction value.


Uplift in processed transactions.

  • The team gets FinTech, business, brands, customers and technology. Thanks to them, we have an innovative strong brand, product and business.

    Ben Green, CEO and co-founder, KiTTi Ltd
  • The experience our mobile-first service delivers to customers has been enhanced significantly. There have been measurable jumps in customer engagement and commercial metrics across acquisition, retention and monetarisation.

    Samuel Nixon, COO and co-founder, KiTTi Ltd